AWS has the answer for startup companies

Published Date: 27/05/2015

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AWS Activate, a global program launched in October 2013 is designed for startups in Malaysia and around the world to easily and quickly use the platform to grow their businesses. AWS provides service usage credits, AWS Training, AWS Support, and Startup Forum. Amazon Web Services (AWS) has a special feature for startup companies to test their ideas by offering monetary and non-monetary benefits to these enterprises.

More than 150 Malaysian startups have joined the “AWS Activate” program, developing and growing quickly.

AWS Head of ASEAN Richard Harshman said the AWS special feature for startup companies called the AWS Activate, was launched last year.

“We work with startups from the very beginning like Dropbox, Spotify and AirBnB. As a result, last year we launched AWS Activate that could offer monetary and non-monetary benefits to startups,” he said.

Richard said AWS Activate has a different set of portfolio that allows startup to focus on developing the business idea rather than the back end infrastructure.

“The good thing using AWS Activate is you just need an idea and an Internet connection. That’s it. It offers an ability to scale up, agile, flexible and elastic. Having an ability to go global in a matter of minutes is definitely a very powerful,” he said.


Ex-president of AWS User Group in Malaysia and Chief Technology Officer of Billplz Arzumy MD, is working on two startups, iterated the importance of getting the idea out and tested.

“We used AWS because it is easier to use. I don’t need to worry about the server. It took us about five weeks to get one of our startups set up and launched on AWS,” he said.

IX Telecom Director of Engineering Norhizam is interested in learning about the easiness to pick and choose featured services on AWS platform.

“We are exploring our options and it is good to learn about the AWS platform that could fulfill our business model. It is fairly easy and quick to grasp and implement,” he said. Chief Technology Officer Ash Crick spoke on the importance of managing cost, especially in the video streaming business startup.

“The scalability of AWS plays quite a substantial role in why we chose AWS. We don’t need to worry much about the capital expenditure as it is like a pay-as-you-go,” he said.