IX Telecom signs a partnership agreement with Pacnet

Published Date: 15/03/2013

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IX Telecom recently signed a partnership agreement with Pacnet, the leading provider and data center platforms for enterprise and carrier customers in Asia Pacific.

The agreement positions IX Telecom and Pacnet to deliver Content Delivery Network (CDN). As a leading provider in Asia Pacific, Pacnet delivers high performance technology solutions over the region’s most extensive high-capacity submarine cable system. With this high prestigious position, IX Telecom believes this partnership will contribute to profitable revenue in the coming years.

“Pacnet has 46,000 km of fibre connected to its regional data centers that gives Pacnet supreme connectivity to business centers around Asia Pacific region. And we strongly believe this partnership is an added advantage for our CDN service”, said Mr. Noor Helmi, the Chief Executive Officer of IX Telecom.

Every day, tens of millions of media-rich websites on the World Wide Web are battling for the attention of consumers around the world. To help increasingly web-enabled businesses capture and engage their audience, IX CDN a turnkey solution that utilizes Pacnet unsurpassed subsea network coverage and state-of-the-art data centers to distribute rich digital content at the speed of light and optimize applications hosted in the Cloud.

IX CDN accelerates the Internet experience by bringing digital content closer to the user. Through an extensive network of IX CDN Points of Presence (PoP) located across the Asia Pacific region, the service will intelligently deliver the latest content from the IX CDN PoP closest to the user. This will enable users to enjoy faster-loading websites, lag-free high-definition streaming media and rapid file downloads.

With full end-to-end control of the IX CDN network, we have the speed and flexibility to scale up quickly to meet the demands of customers and deliver a complete one-stop, digital content distribution solution. In addition, IX’s customers benefit from increased efficiency and greater cost savings that comes with the company’s ownership and operation of the core CDN infrastructure, added Mr. Noor Helmi.

Along with the newly launched IX CDN, IX Telecom is offering other products and services such as global connectivity, outsourcing and reinvented themselves as a One Stop Shop for full spectrum of telecommunication and ICT needs, from enterprise-class infrastructure managed services to application subscription services for their customers.