IX Telecom: Next Telco Generation At Asian Carrier’s Conference 2012

Published Date: 23/10/2012

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IX Telecom, attended Asian Carrier’s Conference 2012, in Philippines. Being also the event partner for this prestigious telecom conference in Asia, IX Telecom achieved full attendance in the workshop which they organized as a part of the program agenda.Mr. Noor Helmi, the Group CEO of IX Telecom explained to the audiences about IX’s perspectives on the Next Generation Telco, and why it is relevant to their business in his remarkable talk titled Next Generation Telco – Delivering beyond Your Boundaries. He provided better understanding of the underlying Next Generation Telco components, the competitive landscape, and developed plans for identifying and engaging prospects by going beyond your boundaries. In his talk, he explained on the vision of “Beyond Boundaries” and comprehended the One-Stop-Shop (OSS) solution as the binding vision for how businesses leverage on the Next Generation Telco to meet today’s and tomorrow’s business needs.Another speaker from IX Telecom, Mr. Mohd Amzari Tajudeen, who is also the Deputy Group CEO explained further on the primary components of IX’s Global VNO services, ICT outsourcing, Virtual NOC, Virtual SOC and Virtual PoP solutions in relations to the business value they provide. He provided better understanding of critical success factors in positioning your business as a one-stop-shop no boundaries Next Generation Telco to the customers.

“We received full attendance for our workshop and see this as a good platform to create awareness to the audience on the importance of next generation telco”, said Mr. Helmi.

The Asian Carriers’ Conference (ACC) is an annual telecom event organized by Philippine Long Distance Company (PLDT) and Smart Communications Inc., (SMART). It is a good platform that allows you to network, collaborate, and conduct business with communications professionals.