Noor Helmi about IX Telecom: “I was the same student as you”

Published Date: 16/02/2017

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Malaysian Universities are interested in collaboration with IX as a successful example for their students.

IX Telecom has been a successful example of the company that is created by the former student of Engineering faculty at Multimedia University. That’s why every year our Malaysian office is full of international students willing to know how Helmi reached the top of success and what helped him to carry on his telecommunication and ISP business.

This time it was a visit from students of Multimedia University (MMU), Faculty of Engineering.

MMU Faculty of Engineering pays visit to IX Telecom


What are the questions that usually asked during the presentation? Of course, how Noor Helmi started, where he got his first experience and how his company has grown up from one Malaysian office to 6 global offices. In our previous post he tells more about his professional journey.

Right after, Noor Helmi spoke to engineering students at University of Malaya about intricacies of funding one’s own start-up and the importance of combining practical experience with theoretical knowledge.

Noor Helmi at University of Malayaa

The presentation was organized for first and second-year students in order to help them formulate the idea of how to embark on a professional career and how to build your path after graduation. Helmi explained the concept of his business and pointed out the challenges that should be overcome daily in the Telecommunication industry. Most of the students just started exploring the basics of Engineering and Telecommunication, so the real business model would help them to understand how it works in practice, not just as a theory.

We didn’t forget to mention about internships in IX Telecom – we constantly accept interns with Engineering and IT background. Here you will find more information how to become the part of IX Family.

Last minutes of presentation were dedicated to questions, so everybody got a chance to find out more about Helmi’s experience and his professional path. We are always happy to share our experience in order to establish better future for the next generations!

Noor Helmi at University of Malaya (2)