IX Telecom: cutting-edge connectivity and network support solutions

Noor Helmi, Founder, CEO & CTO

Outsourcing is an effective, cost-saving strategy that brings significant support for businesses operating across sectors. It enables organizations to focus on their core functions rather than spending time and energy dealing with customer service, networking, and other such functions. These operations often demand time and effort besides the expertise desired to manage them. This is where IX Telecom, a global virtual network operator steps in.

IX Telecom was founded in 2008 to help businesses deal with the challenges involved in global connectivity and network accessibility. It was the company’s founding team’s vision to set up a global telecommunication company that besides focusing on connectivity, also assures network support. The company’s foundation was laid on the objective to make it easy for anyone to get connected anywhere around the world and offer network solutions and support globally.


The organization has been delivering connectivity and network support to companies in Central Asia, Africa, South America, Asia Pacific, and over 200 countries worldwide. This pretty well describes the growth attained by IX Telecom in a short period. It has carved a vast client base for its services by eliminating the most common challenges faced by businesses about connectivity and network support.

Being in the middle of Southeast Asia and with the booming economic condition of the region with a population of over 600 million, IX Telecom has an opportunity to grow and serve more potential clients. At present, the enterprise has a presence in Hong Kong, Singapore, U.S., Indonesia, and Malaysia.

“Our long term vision is to build the next generation communication technology company. We will create a single collaboration platform with unified communication connecting devices and providing services globally, simplifying networking for telcos, enterprise, and developers,” says Noor winding up the conversation.


Headquartered in Cyberjaya, Malaysia, IX Telecom provides connectivity, managed equipment and network monitoring solutions besides shared services and outsourcing support.

“Apart from connectivity, we offer various network-related solutions globally, be it network design, network implementation, network maintenance and managed network services. Customers can focus on their core business and leave the network ‘headache’ to us,” says Noor Helmi, Founder.

The company has partnerships and collaborations with service providers including local telecom companies to global providers, enabling it to serve businesses based across geographies. One of the most constructive partnerships initiated by the company has been with Cisco, the world’s leading network infrastructure software. This alliance has helped IX Telecom deliver a seamless integration of technology innovation, business-critical services, and hardware platform support.

IX Telecom has come as a great support for businesses seeking connectivity solutions for operations in rural areas. The company also claims to offer operational and maintenance services to its clients.

“Finding telecommunication with network equipment expertise is always challenging. Even if there is, it will normally be outsourced to another network solution company. With IX it is all done in-house as we provide both connectivity and network solution,” says Amzari Tajudeen, Co-Founder, DCEO & CFO, IX Telecom.

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