Malaysian tech icons gaining momentum globally

IX Telecom is a telecommunications company that offers virtual network operator (VNO) services and some of its services include providing fast and highly secure private networks for communications between multiple locations worldwide.

These services are highly important to multinationals today that require such secure connections to communicate.

The company operates as a “one-stop shop” model to its clients to provide services globally in more than 200 countries.

“We alter the conventional VNO model by going far beyond simply providing network sourcing. We design, build and manage complete network solutions to meet our customers’ global requirements in the most competitive way possible,” he said.

 ‘We currently own over 54 registered software intellectual properties.’

The company’s chief executive officer Noor Helmi Nong Hadzmi said that IX Telecom was among the first batch of companies to be selected to be part of the GAIN programme. The increased visibility IX Telecom received from the programme helped the company to stand out amongst its regional peers.

“MDEC is very proactive on helping us in various areas which include branding, market access, fund raising, leadership and talent development. Among the programmes that we were involved are the Silicon Valley Immersion Programme and Leadership Dojo,” Noor Helmi said.

Despite the economic and political uncertainties globally, Noor Helmi believes that the telecommunications industry would continue to experience growth.

“We believe the telecommunication industry continues to be at the epicentre for growth, innovation and disruption for virtually any industry,” he said. “Connectivity and networking devices continue to be more embedded in the society today which we hope will boost the growth of the telecom sector. God willing, I am confident that our business will grow further in 2017,” he added.

In tandem with this anticipated growth, the company will be looking for opportunities to increase its revenue through in this area by new market expansion and new product offerings.

“As the demand for connectivity and networking devices continues to grow, our focus will be on product innovation to come out with the new solutions to tap into these opportunities,” Noor Helmi said. “We are working on solutions that will contribute in the complex and rapidly emerging ecosystem of cloud-based solutions and the Internet of Things. “Besides that, we want to be more involved in the public sector, which we find new opportunities for growth,” he said.

Noor Helmi said that the increasing consumer demand for digital technologies will help drive the digital economy in the country and this, in turn, will help create more opportunities in the public sector e.g. Smart Cities.