Meeting Global Connectivity Demands for Global Customers


As a multinational telecommunications and Internet service provider company, our client had difficulties in resourcing global connectivity requirements for their global customers. Prior to engaging with IX Telecom, the company lacked a global channel to provide for their customers in different parts of the world.

The need for a comprehensive, global focus in their business demands a new team with new processes, new expenses, and new products. Seen as too costly, above it all, they also lacked the capability to source global connectivity on their own. The company sought for an outsourcing partner offering a hybrid approach in managing their global connectivity network.


IX Telecom provided a fully-outsourced approach including worldwide deployment and management of global connectivity networks for the company, complete with around-the-clock support for their customers. Given the upperhand in our rich network of global partners, we assisted in eliminating the lengthy process of establishing a global channel and instead outsourced their global connectivity requirements to us as the global expert to help with their reachability across continents.


With full-fledged global connectivity complete with a full suite of engineering services from Multi Vendor deployment services to 24/7/365 field support, the multinational company has achieved higher global reach across countries like the UK, France, Germany, Austria, Spain, as well as Hong Kong, Dubai, and the USA. IX Telecom comes into the role as an invisible player providing a cost-effective solution to enable their enterprise to maintain their resources and a profitable relationship with their customers everywhere worldwide.