Connecting and Configuring 42 Campuses to a Central Point of Operation

Our client based in Malaysia was faced with the challenge of centralizing their operations from multiple touchpoints spread across the entire country. Their initial system of operating was costly and complicated to manage. They have 42 campuses functioning independently from the headquarters. What our client needed was for each campus to connect back to the headquarters as the central point. The client’s vision was to have centralized operations, where each campus could be easily accessed via an integrated network. They needed a single point of contact to manage everything cross-country.

Our role in this project was to ensure that every single campus was fully equipped to channel data and enhance smooth operations directly from the central point. We supplied, delivered, installed, and tested the ICT solutions and equipment for the client. The first phase was equipping each campus with the necessary equipment so as to ease the connectivity and communication channels back to the headquarters. This phase involved equipping the campus with routers, call switches and firewalls. We then moved on to connect the campuses to the data centre, managed the bandwidth and centralized logs as well as providing network monitoring as an extra layer of precaution. So as to ensure the system was constantly up and running with minimal downtime, we additionally availed resident engineers to our client, which removed the hassle of troubleshooting any problems on their own.

IX telecom managed services
IX managed services provided to the client

IX Telecom also redesigned the existing network infrastructure by providing a Full-Mesh design to ensure improved performance and efficiency towards Intranet and Internet service for sites including headquarters, data centre and campuses across the country according to the university requirements.

IX full-mesh centralized network infrastructure

Besides that, IX Telecom also conducted network testing such as download and upload speed test, penetration test for security and network load test to guarantee that the network and connectivity are running efficiently and securely for our client. Other value-added services that IX Telecom provided are maintenance prevention activities and a robust monthly network performance report throughout the duration of the project.

As a one-stop ICT solution, IX Telecom successfully ran a full supply, installation and configuration of network hardware from various vendors and technologies according to our client’s network design and standards. Aside from the critical solutions provided above, we also availed extra network hardware solutions to our client such as:

  • Application Performance Software
  • DNS server
  • Network Monitoring System

As a result, our client now has a fully centralized system that is fully capable of running smoothly with little to no downtime. Our resident engineers ensure a seamless process throughout the entire network ecosystem. Whatever our client needs, we have them covered.

At IX Telecom, we strive to ensure our customer needs are met with quality and in a timely manner. We understand your frustrations and resolve them one by one to help your business seamlessly thrive. Our products and services have always been highly secure, cost-effective, reliable and trusted. Whether you need to centralize global operations or transform your entire business digitally, our team is always ready to assist you.

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