Business broadband from IX Telecom provides multiple data bandwidth transmissions at any traffic speed.

Our high-speed Global Internet Access handles a wide range of frequencies ensuring great transfer capacity without distorting the quality of the channel.

Broadband Internet connection secures near perfect data exchange at every stage of contact: fast download and upload, smooth audio and video and flawless streaming regardless of the number of users online.

What really makes a difference here is the ability to connect both local and remote locations by a single provider. It’s reliable and flexible, and we offer solutions for any budget.

Advantages of Broadband Internet

  • Versatile connection that allows handling of a wide range of frequencies
  • Large capacity that allows you to transmit large amounts of data smoothly
  • Reliable data exchange ensuring fast downloads and uploads regardless of how many users are online
  • Dynamic IP with an option to connect to Static IP
  • Adjustable pricing options, with various packages to suit your needs
  • Inclusive of installation, activation, commission and user acceptance test (UAT)
  • Increased productivity, with steady high-speed connection and optimal uptime
  • 24/7/365 service support
Back in 2005, the broadband internet had a maximum speed of 2 Mbps. Nowadays, 100Mbps download speeds are available in many parts of the world.