Our Global Dedicated Internet Access offers an exclusive, private and fully owned end-to-end bandwidth connection for businesses that require high upload capacity.

Why Dedicated Internet Access

We know it’s critical for your business to be operational at all times, but that congested internet traffic can sometimes slow you down. That’s why many businesses switch to cloud-and web-based services, which, in turn, demand higher speed and powerful bandwidth capacity. With Dedicated Internet Access from IX Telecom, you’ll get the control over your line with the guarantee of round-the-clock productivity and speed.

Advantages of Dedicated Internet Access

  • Consistently high download and upload speed
  • Inclusive of installation, activation, commission and User Acceptance Test (UAT)
  • Increased reliability with bandwidth reserved just for your business to use
  • 24/7/365 service support
  • 99.9% of uptime guaranteed via our Service Level Agreement
  • Dynamic IP with a possibility of connecting to Static IP with extra charge
DIA is your speedway, with your speed limit. Enjoy 100% guaranteed bandwidth.