Take on your business across continents and beyond borders with our Global IP Transit.

Designed to allow traffic from another network to cross or ‘transit’ across the provider’s network, IP transit is usually utilised to connect smaller internet and application service providers to much bigger connectivity channels.

With high-speed connection and global coverage, our IP Transit Service guarantees an international upgrade for your business, alongside guaranteed uptime and worldwide availability to give you the most seamless business connectivity experience - within and beyond your local range.

With guaranteed uptime and worldwide availability, our IP Transit Service guarantees the smoothest experience for your business.

Advantages of IP Transit

  • An effective way of operation located either at our data center or at end user’s last mile
  • An easy way to advertise customer’s existing IP allocation on the Internet
  • Worldwide coverage
  • 99,0% of Uptime Guaranteed via Service Level Agreement
  • Superior network infrastructure
  • Low-latency network bandwidth
  • Fast and seamless content delivery
  • High CIR (Committed Information Rate) from customer to the provider and
Fast and secure data transfer with the help of our IT experts.