Digital transformation is increasingly urgent for the food and beverage industry where technology is not only needed to ease workflow but also contactless operations in order to meet customer demand. IX digitally upgrades businesses in the F&B industry with multi-functional POS systems to enhance workflow and sales-boosting functionalities. We enable F&B operators a 360-degree view of customers’ data across all channels so they can make sense of customers’ unique requirements and proactively tackle market needs. Leverage the most sophisticated technology to seamlessly empower your F&B outlet.

Transform your customer experience with IX

POS Systems 

  • Order Management
  • Itemized Menu
  • Services  Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Sales Reporting
  • Staff management
  • Table Management
  • Financial management

Allowing your business to leverage

  • Simplified and automated management system
  • Process time improvement
  • Higher efficiency in customer service
  • Better business planning
  • Increased profits generation
  • Higher security against fraud and theft
  • Growth and expansion ability

Advanced Analytics 

  • Shopping patterns visual identification
  • Profiling customers and purchase history
  • Customer mapping

Data Mining Tools 

  • Market basket analysis
  • Planograms refinement
  • Promotional strategies deployment

Big Data Analytics

  • Improved data insights capability
  • Improved efficiency of marketing campaigns
  • OTIF optimization
  • Sales forecasting
  •  Increased trade promotion
  • Highly interactive and innovative product development
  • Identify and explore new growth opportunities
Digital Transformation in F&B: A Future-Proof Recipe