Manufacturing is set to take on a threshold into a digital era with a melding of new technologies: IoT, robotics, artificial intelligence, as well as 3D printing. With customers, employees, and suppliers being the driving forces behind the digital transformation, digitization in manufacturing holds a focus to optimise, modernise, and automate. Going digital gives a whole new potential for manufacturers to reduce costs and improve agility and market speed. As IoT, mobile, and cloud solutions become essential game players, modernisation of IT and legacy equipment also becomes a major enabler for the shift in the industry.

How manufacturers can leverage digital transformation?

Connected Products and Services
End-to-end continuous connectivity of your products and services can further strengthen market stance and increase data accessibility to promote informed decision-making. Driven by constant customer demand, the digitisation of the supply chain can give you the edge as an innovator in the market.

Process and Product Automation
Automating paper-based and manual manufacturing processes and reinforcing end-to-end information into one centralised database allows increased data accessibility. Process and product automation can ease and optimise resources and workforce.

Cloud Applications and Platforms
Whether it’s streamlined remote team communication via CRM or having complete shop floor control via a centralised dashboard, our range of develop-and-deploy cloud-based applications allows easy updates and low-cost maintenance.

Asset performance management
Leveraging on data and analytics, APM gathers a number of tools at play to improve the availability and reliability of physical assets in the plant ecosystem allows manufacturers to perform predictive forecasting, condition monitoring, and reliability maintenance.

IoT and Industry 4.0
From condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, digital twin and data-driven R&D, to fleet management, manufacturers can benefit from the autonomous manufacturing ecosystem based on industrial IoT applications.

Machine learning and Advanced Analytics
With real-time updates via HD sensors and other data collection points allowing immediate response and action, machine learning and predictive maintenance enable accurate detection and prevention of errors throughout the manufacturing process.

Digital Transformation in Manufacturing: A New Era