As a licensed supplier of Servers from major manufacturers, we help companies develop their infrastructure through the latest network storage solutions.

Every client receives the support of a personal Project Coordinator who will create a tailor-made solution to fit your exact needs.

We Supply

Backup & Replication tools


Server Virtualization Tools

Advantages of Purchasing Server Hardware from IX

  • Protection of business applications by virtual machines and high-functional storage equipment
  • Suitable for both small and large data centers
  • Ease of system performance by deduplication server solutions
  • Purchase original equipment and get a consultation about further support by your Project Coordinator.

Backup & Server Visualization

Thanks to our server virtualization products, you can store all of your databases on a single piece of server equipment or via the cloud. This solution enables energy reduction costs of up to 80%, simplifies operation to a single system, frees up physical space of your premises, provides immediate backup options and reduces installation time by 70%.

As a licensed supplier of Servers, we help develop your infrastructure through the latest network storage solutions.